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Saturday, August 1, 2009

What’s The Public Tab?

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Anonymous said...

So, Rubin gets to purchase the property in chunks on an as-needed-basis for the market value at that time. Brilliant for him considering the value of CRE is plummeting at the moment.

The retail and office plan will inevitably be scaled back and the housing component (significantly cheaper to build) will be the trumpeted portion of the deal.

And as housing takes over as the predominant build out - you need to ask where the tax revenue will come from. No doubt, the housing will have incredible tax incentives and abatements.

Since the city will have to hold the majority of the property they will be paying the interest on the bonds to fund the project.

Combine the long term interest payments on the bonds with the tax abatements and other expenses for the project and it's clear that the city will realize next to no actual tax revenue over a 10 - 15 year period.

Oh - and guess who still hasn't signed on to the project? Cleveland Heights/UH schools. They're dying for money and you can rest assured that they'll call BS on the TIF plan.

Anonymous said...


My gut is that these city officials and developer have conjured up a deal that is taking advantage of a credulous public. An impartial voice is needed to shed light on this long drawn out public-private multi-city project. Let us niave residents know how much we are on the hook for. It is probably way more then we will ever know. Sound like CH-UH residents will benefit more then SE-L residents ever will. Oh well rich get richer.... Maybe South Euclid's mayor Welo should run for mayor in Cleveland Heights.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a suggestion to SEO oversight.If readers want to comment on a new,fresh topic,such as Zelei's raise,we have to make our comment attached to whatever was last presented.(Such as I am doing here.)Totally unrelated topic.
No offense,but you guys really lag behind current topics at times.
I understand there are reasons for this.Myself,and all of us readers thank you from the bottom of our hearts,and truly appreciate your time,efforts,and sacrafice that you all dedicate to give us this free,open,very,very,
informative site.True red blooded Americans you are.You are greatly appreciated!
My suggestion is,simply,a "Leave your comment" space,like this,but not attached to any specific topic,such as it is now.An open comment space for any topic we wish to comment on.I guess that would be a reader directed,comment,spot.
It would give us a shot to direct comments more to issues that concern us "civilians".
Issues that may not be the "hottest",or issues that we feel you may be lagging on.
(again,no offense)Sometimes your readers may have more info than you guys have.Give us the opportunity to be the first to inform others.
Holy crap,Zelei's been all over the news!All over except for here!
SEO,yer' killin' me.
But your delay has given me time to reflect,digest,and get over my initial "kneejerk" reaction.And I'm sure that once you present this topic,readers will respond with the same outrage I felt at fist,as others who commented on this issue did.
I'm no accountant,nor math wiz,but after doin' sum cypherin'.....looks to me likes old Billy Z. might really has given' us a perty good deal!
My only objection would be,did he have a "secret" deal with the school board.In other words,he never really passed on his raise.He,and the school board had an agreement that the raise would be given,after the public was duped,passed the levy,and he was made to appear as the dedicated superintendent,concerned,committed,willing to go the extra mile,and make great personal sacrafices to the school district he loves and cares so much for.Thus ensuring a long and secure double dipping income well over 200k a year.
Well....,what do you all think?
I have one other request of SEO oversight.Before Nov. elections,be sure to give us a list of school board members up for election.Aren't there 2 seats being challenged?And didn't "wild Bill"get his 30k raise passed by 2 votes? I can't wait for nov elections,and just wait till the next levy right around the corner.
Gotta start greasin' our sphincters soon in preparation.Ya'all know it's a'comin.

Anonymous said...

Quickly,get back to the raise.
By my "figerin",Bill must have been rakin' in around 150k in 2005.
He took a 30k pay cut,to 120k.Now,if he had taken a 3% raise in 2006,2007,2008,and 2009(3% being what the teachers got),he would be making about 169k,or so now.Rough numbers as I said.He only wants a 30k raise to around 152k.Did we not get a deal?????
And look at Brush H.S.,somewhere around 98% graduation rate!!!!!
Let's not rush to judgement.
I could be way wrong.Check it out.
Check out our schools stats.
Yea,yea,yea,diverse community,blah,blah,blah,,,,,.
Ya gotta' give credit to the school system.That means giving credit to the people that run the system.That means Bill,the teachers,administrators,and even the school board!
Damn,doesn't it piss ya off when ya gotta admit,at least give some credence,that maybe the man really does deserve a 30k raise?Probably more like 50k.(cause I still got one more kid to go thru brush...)
As usual,it's easier to be outraged,than to really look at the other side of the issue.Think about how many times come review,raise time,that your boss has tried to convince you that you didn't perform to his expectations,and you have to defend,and convince him that he doesn't see the whole picture.That you have done so much more that he is not aware of.You open his eyes,shine light on those things he never saw.
I might have to look in those dark,shaded corners,shine a light on things I never gave consideration to.Give Mr. Zelei the raise,the respect,and trust he deserves,and has earned!
Please,please,I hope the man has been honest.
I will still vote out any school board member,for not being upfront,honest,truthfull,and open with the public.

Anonymous said...

I catch a faint scent in the air lately.Something has changed.I can't quite put my finger on it yet.
Cedar Center,still an issue,but finally coming to resolution?
Red light cameras,passed,
as far as I know.Hasn't been
much said about it here on SEO oversight.
Zelei's raise,stirred up a little reaction.But the man deserves it.
Shenanigans are speculation at best.The man deserves every damn penny!Brush H.S. grad. rate is proof enough!Look at Richmond Hgts.,Cleve. Hgts,even Beachwood,and Solon.Compare resources,incomes,even taxes.We gotta' damn succesfull school system here!Give the man his well earned respect.
And there is much,much,much more improvement we need to make in our schools.Especially at the grade school,and middle school levels.Mr. Bill should apply his skills there.If he could manage as much success at those levels.....just think about the accomplishments that students would achieve at the H.S. level.
Is it the closer we draw to November,the quieter,less attention is placed on,or politicians abandon their attacks on our freedoms,seem to hide from their normally controversial behaviour?Or is it just summer vacation?
I haven't heard a peep of outrage from Mr.David Miller,I think he's kicking back,grillin',enjoying his summer.
Ruth Gray,not a single accusation of racist,sexist behaviour against "the man".How is Margaret Martines surviving on her $5,ooo raise(not $15,000).I sure hope she isn't starving.And Director of Law,Mr. M.P. Lograsso,"we have no legal responsibility to answer any of your questions",doing? Summer vacation,November elections,S.E.O. staffers taking a break?
Something seems different.
I feel it.Hell,I'm even defending Zelei!Gotta' be this cooler than normal summer.
Ya' gotta admit,things have been awfully quiet.
Hmmmmm....It's always darkest,and quietest before it goes black.....what is that faint smell.......

Barch said...

While present at the board meeting comments of "we won't pass another Levy." were made. Childish. Shoot your self and the community in the foot.
Three things bring people into the community; safe and well run cities, good schools. Lose one and you're done.

I spent days in the schools observing the principals, staffs, teachers, students, and the activities during the day. One each at Greenview, and Memorial. Two at Brush.
I saw well run schools ; Staffs exceellent, teachers both dynamic and in control, Principals knowing exactly what was going on.
Students were: quiet in the halls and lunch rooms, well behaved. Living with the dress code; no hoods up, no ear buds, no drooped drawers. and the halls were clean, exceptional in Brush with 1900 kids changing class in 5 minutes.
In class they were attentive, actually, eager. Responding to the teachers and others, even the kids who needed remedial work were proud of their efforts. And improving.
Calculators and computers were used by all. At Brush they sign up ahead to ensue a PC in the library. That will be relieved when the 32 new units won by Helen Unger in a NATIONAL contest are in place.
Well done Helen. Brava.
South Euclid and Lyndhurst have reason to be proud of the schools. What I saw reflects on everyone. From Dr. Zelei on down. Leading 600 employees into educating developing students is not easy. Think how hard it is to raise your kids.

No, these are not he schools I went to, nor are they the system my kids went to on graduating from Brush over 25 years ago. But, they are doing a great job and bringing out kids with strength for the coming world.

I was asked, Why visit? Because I want to see what the schools are really like. Not just to see the Show Choir or a football game. And I don't meet with the teachers in conference. How does SEL represent my community? and how will it and the cities go forward?

Don't react. Stay involved. Be active. and support all involved.

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