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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here We Go Again

"Rejecting a certain initiative petition…"

Please click on image below to view full size document.

  • time: 2 min. 36 sec.
Ed Icove takes over as acting council president and Todd Hunt fills in for “vacationing” South Euclid Law Director, Michael Lograsso.

  • time: 6 min. 33 sec.
Fill-in Law Director, Todd Hunt gives an explanation and his legal justification of Resolution: 52-10.

  • time: 5 min. 56 sec.
Two members of “Citizens for Accountable Government” lay it on the line at the microphone.  ***  “…It’s absolutely, in my opinion, unbelievable the amount of time, energy and tax dollars you people spend fighting the rights and the wishes of the residents…”  ***  “…How much money of the taxpayers is being wasted? You’re paying Mr. Lograsso, Walter & Haverfield, Mr. Hunt, and after we beat you in court on this issue, you’re going to be paying our lawyer, Mr. Brad Bryan…”  

  • time: 8 min. 20 sec.

Resolution: 52-10 was requested by Councilman Moe Romeo and introduced by acting Council President Ed Icove.  It appears that Icove & Romeo were the only members of City Council privy to details regarding Resolution: 52-10 prior to July 25th, when other members of council were informed - barely 24 hours before a meeting when they were being asked to vote on the matter.

Councilman Tony Caroscio:  “…It’s very frustrating that we continue to do things that look sneaky whether they are or not that’s the way they look. It’s costing the city money. Instead of finding ways to work with the residents and do what’s right, we continue to find ways to not do what’s right and not look good as we’re sitting up here…”    

Councilwoman Sunny Simon:  “…I don’t think in this case, the law is for me, at this point necessarily clear…"  *** “…The last thing I think we need for the city is to end up in court in litigation over something like this it could impact our residents and the credibility of this council…”

Please click on article to view full size.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pure Rubbish

Please click on images below to view full size.

Mayor Georgine Welo - PART 1 -

Mayor Georgine Welo -PART 2 -

Ed Gallagher - Service Director

Tom Cannell - Fire Chief

Paul Kowalczyk - Building Commissioner

Sally Martin - Housing Manager

Mayor Georgine Welo on Economic Development

Joe Filippo - Finance Director

Ruth Gray - Councilperson, Ward 1

Jane Goodman - Councilperson, Ward 4

Mayor Georgine Welo - "Budget For Dummies"

Mayor Georgine Welo - Widgets

Don't miss the amazing chain of events which unfolded just last year when controversy erupted over a proposed $15,000 raise:

Taxpayers - Watch Your Back

The Raise Revisited...And More

Friday, July 23, 2010

More Citizens Take Action

Please click on images below to view full size.

Sun Messenger Editorial: July 22, 2010

Sun Messenger Editorial:  June 18, 2009

Please click on the following links to review previous SEO posts regarding traffic enforcement cameras in:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Damage Control

Please click on images to view full size.

Per Finance Committee Chairman Moe Romeo, this meeting is for informational purposes only. No public questions or commentary will be permitted.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Welo Takes The Low Road

Please view the documentation below in chronological order as presented.

South Euclid resident Terri Dolan granted SEOversight permission to share the following chain of events.  She also requested that SEO not edit out her name as was offered. She expressed her deep disappointment with the Mayor of South Euclid’s decision to “take the low road.”

Replication of emails has been utilized for viewer convenience and presentation purposes. There has been no editing, alteration or distortion from any portion of the original text.

From: Terri Dolan
Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Subject: Very Concerned Resident

Ms Welo,

I have been a resident of South Euclid for 25 years. Grew up in University Heights . I have been following the course of the city for some years now and I have grave concerns for the future of South Euclid . To say I feel as though the city does its business with little regard for the cost, will, or the impact it has on our living standards is putting it too mildly. I have very little faith in the leadership of this city and in light of the recent events discussed at the last counsel meeting, I have lost my will to help. I, along with many others have pretty much decided to move. There is no more appeal here for family life in my income level. The way you and counsel have conducted business on our behalf should be criminal. You will never get a dime out of this registered voter as long as I am here, for anything. As far as I am concerned, all your time spent in the part-time positions you "serve" in The City of South Euclid should be SERVED. That used to mean without a paycheck. How is it serving if your getting paid, and voting raises for yourselves? If I am still here to vote next time around, you and counsel can count on my vote going for your opponent. Shame on you all.

The email below was received by Ms. Dolan from another concerned resident.   Ms. Dolan forwarded the content of the email she received to  Mayor Georgine Welo on June 25th:

From: Terri Dolan
Subject: park guards
Date: Friday, June 25, 2010

You are very welcome to forward this on to the mayor if you want to.

I probably will not go to any of the South Euclid parks after June 30th. I remember what Bexley Park was like before the park guards and I refuse to put my children into that environment again. The only thing that will bring me to any of the parks is SEBBL and SEGBL. Since she is cutting the parks guards, what is her plan to keep our parks safe and clean? Once again, budget cuts directed at the children. Why not cut the recycling pick-up to once a month instead of weekly? Or why not cut the street cleaner? I'm sure there are others ways she could reduce the budget.

(name redacted)

From: gwelo
Subject: RE: park guards
To: “Terri Dolan”
Date: Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Terri:
 Thank you for your email – first let me say that I have lived here in South Euclid my whole entire adult life. I married my husband Carter at age 20, raised three children here; our business South Euclid True Value is located on Mayfield Road . I have a long track-record of caring service to our community and I would never do anything to instinctually harm the children or anyone else in our community. The economic downturn makes it impossible for an urban bedroom community like South Euclid to balance a City Budget. Similar communities from across the Northeast Ohio region are experiencing the same conditions. I promise you, that I take the reality of the tough decisions to heart and try my very best to not demean you the residents.

The administration was asked by Council to find ways to reduce our budget and we responded with an initial list. This list of proposed cuts were the result of several meetings led by our directors to brainstorm ways to save revenue – so we could work towards reducing next year’s financial impact. Most of the “quality of life” cuts that directly affect resident this summer were reductions and not closings and they are reasonable taking into account our challenges. I recognize the need to keep pools, playground and ball fields open as much as possible – so we worked to keep them open – with reduced hours. There was never any intention to abandon the parks. We have been working on creative ways to have a presence at our parks without the park guards and the Chief has had discussions with the Schools regarding the crossing guards this school year. Since March, I have communicated with council with memos regarding proposed budge cuts. I have made these cuts with two thoughts of mind, 1) Health, Safety and Welfare; 2) maintain core city services. The latest round clearly states ‘as of July1 “on the document to allow for input. For example, I have heard clearly about the park guard’s issue, and have ordered that the Park Guards will continue their employment through the remainder of the summer. I have included the next set of cuts – some have already been instituted. At this time it is only my estimation I believe another $2-$3 million dollars will need to be cut to balance the budget which is mandated by law by the end of the year. As the mayor we do not know till month to month what our tax revenues will be until they are collected and reported. The state of Ohio is facing an $8 billion dollar shortfall which they are predicting could reach $10/$12 billion. We as a city realize that dollars will be cut from key programs for local municipalities – this impact along with the local impact is another reason that cuts must be made now to prepare for 2011 & 2012
The next set of proposed Budget and Public Service Reductions =$729,143
  • Non Union Employee Furlough Days on top of the already implemented salary freeze and 3.85% give back by all employees (Court not included) $44,24Community Update – remaining two issues - $20,000
  • Open Space Initiative $12,000
  • All Part – Time Service Workers - $30,000
  • Splash Park to close earlier- $600.00
  • Additional Street Repairs from General Fund vs. the Road Levy fund - $200,000
  • Capital Transfers - $100,000
  • Part-Time Jailors - $6,800
  • Emergency Medical Dispatchers - $50,000
  • Law Department Reductions - $10,000
  • Community Center Programs and Closure - $13,000
  • Park Guards - $20,000 – reinstated
  • Crossing Guards - $50,000
  • Process Servers - $4,000
  • Fire Truck Rehab Delayed - $110,000
  • Elimination of Brown Bag Leaf Pick up - $15,000
  • Elimination of grass, liter debri & clean-up abatements (foreclosed/abandon homes) (these are done by the part-time help that will be cut) - $15,000
  • Elimination of Lateral Home Sewer Program - $25,00
  • Swimming Pools – Adult Swim - $1,600
  • Family Swim - $1,900
Finding our way though these finical challenges during this unprecedented economic downturn is probably the toughest job that we will have to manage as elected officials. And it is not over. Without the temporary rollback, additional cuts and sacrifices will have to be made – as they already been in Cleveland Heights , Shaker Heights and other inner-ring communities. It is nearly July – and I need to shift our focus to getting through 2011 & 2012. We not only have to be focused on the next few years – but how they will shape our community 10, 15 and 20 years down the road.

I know that these are stressful and frustrating times for all of us – and as your mayor – there are no easy decisions – only tough choices. I appreciate the email and I hope my response answers your concern regarding the Park Guards and my integrity – as your mayor you have my promise that I will do everything I can to maintain our city to the best of our ability during these unprecedented times. Please do not hesitate to call me at 216-691-4221 if you have any questions my door is always open- Georgine Welo, mayor

From: Terri Dolan
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010
To: gwelo
Subject: RE: park guards

Thank You for reinstating our park guards. They are a valuable part of holding us from sinking further. Have you ever looked at the problems from a back to front view, like making a list of what definitely has to be funded and then make massive (and I mean massive) cuts to balance the budget? We had to do that in our budget, why is it different for the city.....................its not. Unions will negotiate, I noticed they were not on the list. Lay-offs or re-negotiate, its done all the time. The car companies had it so rough because in my opinion the unions strangled their own employers to keep getting more and more for their members. It got out of balance.

I agree its tough, and I know you can't please everyone. Security is something that should be off the table for cuts, so thank you again. You are the only city official who responded, and I do respect that.

From: gwelo
Subject: RE: park guards
To: "'Terri Dolan'"
Date: Friday, June 25, 2010

Terri: Yes, we have made a list of all items that have to be funded by law, Health, Safety, Welfare and core services. Our bargaining units negotiated with the city – all wages were frozen and then a 3.85 percent cut was instituted. The same for department heads and non-bargaining employees. The unions also agreed to a committee to review our health insurance to allow for lower costs. The union membership has worked hand and hand with the city – I do not believe that there are enough give backs that could be given back to stop drastic layoffs. The city will have to continue to cut this year – more than likely somewhere between $2-$3 million. We have not replaced people over the years due to the downturn and last year 4 non-bargaining employees were terminated for a savings of $230,687.38 minus a position in 2009 that went from part-time to full time the salary with all benefits (PERS, Insurance, WorkersComp, etc) $34,210, for a total savings ($230,687.38-$34,210) of $196,477.38. Six furlough days are in effect for the remaining of the year one per month and city hall will be closed on those days for a savings of $46,164.920. All that is left is our remaining work force, core services such as garbage, road repair/sewer repair not funded by our levies, recreation, senior services, and community center. But, I do want to tell you that the administration continues to think out side of the box and have several things moving forward: Cedar Center will rise from the ground by fall – they are currently putting in the infrastructure, water, sewer, gas etc., store front renovations along Mayfield, continued growth at Notre Dame College, and our Green Neighborhood Initiative has been launched – we will continue to work 1000 percent – you have my word, Georgine Welo

June 28, 2010 - South Euclid City Council Meeting: A resident speaks the truth and reads Ms. Dolan's email to council.

  • time: 5 min. 45 sec.

July 12, 2010 - South Euclid City Council Meeting - Mayor's Report:  Mayor Georgine Welo vindictively lashed out with a boorish and retaliatory response to having been publicly criticized. 
  • time: 1 min. 09 sec.

Please click to view other video examples of crass behavior and the administering of verbal punishment for going against the machine.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Capacity For Shame

 Please click on image below to view full size.

The notice below was posted on the City of South Euclid website. “Public input on budget issues” turned out to be blatant false advertising. The public was granted only 5 minutes at the end of an obviously staged 1 ½ hour question and answer session between various councilpersons and several department heads.

Please click on image to view full size.

  • time: 5 min. 59 sec.

  • time: 3 min. 58 sec.

  • time: 8 min. 46 sec.

Please click on image below to view full size.

Click here to view the online version of the above Sun Messenger editorial inluding reader's comments.

Is there a difference between taking dictation and collusion?

Friday, July 2, 2010

“It’s A Secret”

  • time: 6 min. 05 sec.

  • time: 6 min. 19 sec.

  • time: 5 min. 15 sec.

  • time: 1 min. 36 sec.

Please click on images below to view full size.

Click here to read online version of the above story including READER'S COMMENTS.

Click here to read online version of the above story including READER'S COMMENTS.

Click here to read online version of the above story including READER'S COMMENTS.

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